How To Start When Going Plant Based

Like anything new it takes time, patience and some experimenting. I was slow to make the change. In fact, I was the last one in our household to start but once I started there was no turning back...but that is just me and how I roll. Everyone goes about it differently but there are some very typical strategies to making the transition to a plant based diet and lifestyle.

Start by finding a few people you know to help. This can be a family member, friend or someone you follow on social media. Next, tell yourself to go slow and in stages.

These are the stages I recommend: (1) cut out red meat right away - it's well-known to be bad for your health, and if you need graphic stuff to push you over the edge, watch a few videos on how red meat makes it from farm to store shelf; (2) drop other animal meats out second and replace with a good quality plant based protein to give yourself peace-of-mind in knowing you are getting enough protein; and (3) reduce animal milks as soon as possible and replace with oat, nut or soy milk as needed to help you stick as close to your typical diet as possible.

Once you peel back on the animal based products you had been eating here is where you need that "friend" to help. Specifically, you need someone to give you good recipes to try. I was lucky as I'm married to an excellent cook. She really made it easy for me and our family. That said, there are tons of good online recipes and resources if you look.

I'm four years in and I can say I feel better, have more energy, have maintained the same body weight and strength I had prior to switching to plant based and have a clearer conscious knowing my choice of diet is not only better for my health but also positively impacts the planet. 

I will post of few of my favourite recipes in future posts. Thanks -DB